How can we help?

SWACA Children and Young People’s Workers provide a safe place to talk about worries and concerns, relating to experiences of domestic abuse.

These may include confusion, safety fears (for themselves and others), responsibility for the abuse, torn loyalties, separation, shame etc.

SWACA Children and Young People’s Workers can be asked to be involved, for example, by parents, schools, GPs, and social workers.

Children/young people are supported on a one-to-one basis or in a group setting. Sessions can be delivered in schools, children’s centres or SWACA premises.

How we do it

We support children and young people by…

  • Exploring and understanding their emotions
  • Establishing safety/support networks
  • Developing healthy coping strategies
  • Making sense of their current situation i.e. current living arrangements, current agencies involved
  • Making sense of their current or past situation
  • Identifying changes they would like to see happen
  • Identifying fears and worries
  • Developing their own safety plan
  • Exploring relationships with family members, peers and other important people in their lives
  • Identifying and developing their own support network
  • Exploring issues in relation to building confidence and self-worth

We also advocate on a child/young person’s behalf in a variety of settings i.e. court, planning meetings etc.

SWACA is committed to offering women, children, and young people of Sefton free, practical and emotional support to survive the impact of domestic abuse.

Group support – The Together Programme

The Together Programme is a seven-week, small group course aimed specifically at helping children and young people explore their feelings, build a positive self-perception and form healthy relationships.

A key focus of the programme is supporting children and young people in learning to identify what affects their emotions and to discover healthy ways to manage them. This leads to a greater self-awareness and the development of strategies to self-regulate.

Throughout the course we look at our achievements and celebrate our uniqueness, increasing self-esteem and confidence.

The Together Programme is run alongside The Mirror Project – our women’s group service – therefore can support both mum and child/children at the same time.

Aims and objectives

  • To better understand emotions – what emotions we feel, how we feel them and how we talk about them.
  • To become aware of the different ways we can help to manage our emotions.
  • To understand the importance of knowing what to do with our worries.
  • To discuss ways that we can keep ourselves safe.
  • To explore and understand healthy and unhealthy behaviours in relationships (e.g. friendships)
  • To improve self-esteem – knowing what makes us unique and identifying achievements.

The programme consists of seven group sessions that take place outside of school hours with each session lasting 1 hour 30 minutes.

Need more information?

If you’re a parent looking for support for your child, please contact us direct.

If you’re an agency or other professional, please use the referral form below.

For more information on domestic abuse and how we can support those affected by it, visit our Resources section.


Child Referral Form
Refer a child or young person to SWACA.
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Children's Leaflet
Learn more about how SWACA can support children and young people.
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The Together Programme Leaflet
Learn more about SWACA's seven-week, small group course.
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Need to report an emergency?

Dial 999 or call the
24h National Domestic Violence Helpline
0808 2000 247

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