About us
swaca provides practical and emotional support to women and children / young people, (service users), living in Sefton, who are experiencing, or have experienced, domestic abuse. swaca is a free, confidential service and we are fully committed to ensuring there is a high level of trust and confidence between swaca and the service users we support.
To enable swaca staff to provide high quality advice and support, we will need to record certain information shared by you as a service user. Any personal information shared with swaca staff will be treated with the utmost respect, will be kept fully secure, and will not be shared, (unless agreed by you or if it relates to safeguarding concerns – please see below).
About this Privacy Notice
This Notice explains how we will process any personal data that we collect from you. When we refer to “personal data” in this Notice it means any information that relates to you from which you can be identified either directly or indirectly. By using our service, you will be considered to have accepted the terms of this Notice, so please read it carefully.
Personal information we may collect
As part of our work to support you, including undertaking assessments of your needs, and to fulfil our contractual requirements as a charity funded through public money, we will need to collect personal information such as basic contact details, details regarding members of your family / household and information about your needs relating to experiences of domestic abuse. We will ensure you are fully aware of, and give permission to keep, personal information shared during your journey with swaca.
We also use CCTV facilities within our building on Knowsley Road, for the safety and protection of Service Users. Please ask staff for further details on the use of CCTV.
How we use your information
We will only use the information you provide to:
• enable us to providing the best service we can to you and your family;
• where appropriate, and you give full consent for, share with other services felt to be helpful to support you and your family;
• help us to improve and develop our services;
• deal with any complaints / compliments and any related feedback.
Disclosure of personal information
We will only share personal information relating to you, with other services, organisations and other “third parties”, in the following circumstances:
• you have given clear consent to share information with specific organisations / third parties;
• we have reason to believe information you share raises a significant child or adult safeguarding concern, (which we would be obliged, by law, to share with Sefton Council);
Where we store your personal information
Your personal information will be stored securely and confidentially within our own case management system, managed by Oasis. We may also need to share, (only very relevant), personal information with Sefton Council, Sefton’s “Local Authority” (or local government), and other local government organisations, but we will, where relevant, ensure you are fully aware of this during your journey with swaca.
How long we will hold your information
We will, in line with our current Policies, store your personal information in a fully secure manner for the following time periods:
• Service User files which contain information in respect of Child Protection will be kept until 35 years from case closure, after which they will be destroyed securely;

• Service Users files which contain information in respect of Looked After Children, Fostered Children, Adopted Children or any other Custodianship Orders, will be kept for 75 years, after which they will be destroyed securely;

• All other Service User files will be kept until 10 years from closure, after which they will be destroyed securely.
Throughout your journey with swaca, we will ask for consent to retain, and if appropriate share, your personal information, (unless we identify a significant adult or child safeguarding concern). You have the right to withdraw consent at any time, where relevant.
Complaints relating to the ‘processing’ of your personal information
If you are unhappy with any aspect of your experiences with swaca in regard to the processing of your personal information, please do share your concerns with the relevant Caseworker or another member of staff, and we will do our very best to address your concerns.
swaca Contact information
For further information on this Privacy Notice, please contact swaca by:
– telephone – 0151 922 8606 (please ask for the Data Protection Officer)
– e-mail – help@swaca.com
– accessing our web-site at www.swaca.com (please click on “Contact Us” page).

Alternatively, you have the right to make a complaint to an independent organisation, the Information Commissioners Office, whose details are listed below:
Customer Contact
Information Commissioner’s Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane
0303 123 1113 https://ico.org.uk/