Worried someone is experiencing domestic abuse?

Here’s how you can help…

  • Offer them a safe space where they can talk
  • Listen to them and acknowledge that they are in a difficult situation
  • Allow them to talk at their own pace but remember – respect their decision if they don’t want to talk
  • Offer to help them access support or information from key agencies e.g. domestic abuse services, police etc.
  • Be supportive without judgement or blame

If you are concerned about someone who is or may be experiencing domestic abuse, you can…

  • Contact SWACA
  • Call the 24hr National Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0808 2000 247
  • Go to a chemist and ask for ANI

Need to report an emergency?

Dial 999 or call the
24h National Domestic Violence Helpline
0808 2000 247

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