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Sefton Domestic Abuse Helpline 0151 394 1400

Free & confidential support

for women, young people and children throughout Sefton

About us

Sefton Women's and Children's Aid is committed to safeguarding women, young people and children. Our dedicated team supports them in surviving the impact of domestic abuse by giving free, practical and emotional help.

Our services are offered regardless of age, disability, sexuality, race or religion. The support we provide can be delivered by phone, in person, in school, in the workplace, in Family Wellbeing Centres or in our Centre.

Help us do more

With your help we can continue to reach more women, young people and children escaping domestic abuse.

What we do

One-to-one support for women

Individual emotional and practical support and advice via a dedicated caseworker.

One-to-one support for children and young people

Individual emotional and practical support and advice via a dedicated specialist caseworker.

Group support for women

SWACA’s own seven-week programme, The Mirror Project, helps to improve confidence and self-esteem with peer support.

Group support for children and young people

The Together Programme promotes positive self-perception, healthy relationships and emotional wellbeing in a small group setting.

Counselling and therapy

Counselling and psychotherapy sessions build emotional resilience and help to create a better future.

Refuge for those in need

Safe spaces for individuals and families escaping domestic abuse, available locally and out of the area.

Legal support and advice

We partner with local solicitors to provide legal support and advice to those in need.

Financial support

Support in becoming financially independent and a helping hand for those in need.

Want to talk?

Whatever you need, we’re here for you. Contact us by phone or email.

Contact us

Call: 0151 394 1400 (Helpline)
Email: help@swaca.com

Our team is available
Monday - Friday: 9.30am – 5.00pm
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Why is domestic abuse often not reported?

24th October, 2022

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1 in 4 Women Experience Domestic Abuse

26th September, 2022

More than one in four women worldwide experience domestic abuse before the age of 50, according to the largest review of its kind Analysis of 366 studies…

As a charity we are optimistic that attitudes towards domestic abuse and the support available for women over the years are changing for the better Our work…

Here to help

Who we support


SWACA supports any woman living in Sefton who has experienced, or is at risk of, domestic abuse. There is no ‘typical’ domestic abuse survivor and every woman we support has lived their own, unique experience. That's why the support our dedicated staff provide is led by the needs of each individual.
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Young people

Young people can be affected by the abuse they see and hear. They can also be hurt or bullied as part of domestic abuse between adults. We offer specialist support to guide young people through these experiences with a focus on positive self-perception, emotional health and healthy relationships.
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Being exposed to domestic abuse has an emotional, mental and social impact on children. Responses to witnessing trauma can vary greatly and children may have feelings of anger, guilt, insecurity and confusion that they don’t understand. Our child-centred approach ensures that these feelings and their voice is heard.
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Support us

How you can help


100% of every donation goes directly towards supporting the women, young people and children who access our services. Give yourself that feel good factor by donating a one-off amount or make a regular donation and see how your donation can make a real difference.
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Get involved

There's so many ways you can support SWACA! From taking part in an event or creating your own unique challenge to fundraising, volunteering or leaving a legacy, there's something for everyone. Whatever your contribution, you'll be directly supporting our service users.
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Corporate partnerships

If your organisation is wondering how to give back, please give SWACA a call to discuss how we can develop a strategic corporate partnership, allowing your team to make a social difference in your local area.
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