We have a long and successful history of meeting the needs of children and young people who experience domestic violence.  Over the years, service provision has developed to include working with children and young people in schools, colleges and out in the community.

Our Children’s Workers offer age appropriate sessions for children and young people.  Sessions are delivered offering an opportunity for the child or young person to explore issues around self-perception, relationships with their peers, family members and wider social network. You can read more on this topic in free research papers .

The young service-users are supported to explore feeling/emotions/worries and wishes about their situation and develop healthy strategies in relation to their safety and well-being.

Provision also includes support and advocacy in appropriate settings i.e. Child Protection Conferences, Court etc., ensuring that their voice is heard in the management and delivery of services which may affect them.

You can download a Child/Young Person Referral form from the Downloads section.