Therapeutic Practitioner, Tessa, BA (HONS) PGDHP MNRHP UKCP, has worked as a UKCP Psychotherapist for the past 15 years and currently works in long-term partnership with SWACA, delivering a range of therapeutic support options,  including the Emotion Resilience Programme.

The ERP provides effective support for women, young people and children who have been affected by Domestic Abuse.  It is a personal development programme and its main objective is to improve the well-being and emotional awareness of children, young people and adults.

This solution focused, interactive programme facilitates the development of resilience and coping strategies for the person.  Through restoring their self-esteem and confidence levels, it supports them in moving forward to develop a future life that is not defined by their experience of domestic abuse.

The programme, which can be adapted to support a range of emotional issues, has proven to be particularly effective with SWACA service-users.

In addition to the ERP the types of therapeutic support available at SWACA include: Counselling, Domestic Abuse, Guided Relaxation, Family Therapy, Emotional Issues – including anger management, the Heart Math Programme and a number of workshops.